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Welcome to beamthemup!

Hi, my name is Monica and I am the creator of this blog. Beamthemup began as an Administrative Consulting Business; however, there is so much happening in my life and in the world today that in good conscience I cannot confine myself to focusing on just my administrative business alone. This blog seeks to explore some of the issues as they relate to the rapidly changing world in which we find ourselves, as well as how we can best navigate through this trans-formative hour.

Although, we all  have opinions and I love expressing my own, this site attempts to show and honor the principle of living in your truth. Iyanla Vanzant defines truth as “the Absolute, that which reveals and is in accord with the will of the Divine as the governing principle of life. Truth is eternal, the same today as yesterday. The fullness of truth related to the Divine exists at the core of every living being. The basic principle of truth is that the mind of every person is unified with Divine Mind eternally. As individual awareness expands and embraces the concept of divine truth, understanding unfolds.”

In essence, our main concern is being able to find the truth of who we really are and our purpose for being here?  As I share some of my knowledge and information with you it is my hope we can help each other become our greatest self.

Peace & Love,



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