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Welcome to my first blog post. This is very exciting for me to finally put myself out here in cyberspace. It is my hope that you find my blog intriguing, informative and professional with a wee bit of humor so you can share your thoughts and comments and visit again and again.

Okay, so if your like me and have not been utilizing your contacts in the most efficient or effective way, it is that time of year to open your CMS and start adding some fresh new contacts. New York City in the spring and summer is an excellent time to network. The cold and snow are no longer keeping you home bound, the warm weather has people feeling good and ready to build new connections and plant positive seeds for a fall harvest.

Most professional business people realize that it takes more than brains to keep that mind sharp and alert. Most business professionals spend time getting energized at the gym or participating in other sporting activities or hobbies. Physical exercise is a great way to get in shape for socializing. Gym membership increases during the spring and summer months because people realize that it’s time to network.

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Personal Trainers

In addition, people who are physically fit tend to feel extra good about themselves and their appearance–like me and my trainers. They care about their bodies and work hard to keep them in good condition. They love “strutting their stuff” for others to see and admire the level of dedication and respect they have for their physical temple. Men love to flex those well-developed chest and arm muscles and women, as long as we look good in the buff, we feel great and everything else is gravy. At this point we can focus our brain on what is really important…our business.

As we have built up our physical endurance and are confident in our appearance; now we are ready to “TCB” and build some new professional relationships. If you are like me and need to blow some dust off of your contact list now is the time to create an agenda to showcase and articulate your business. Hopefully, during the winter months you worked on your “pitch” and have it down to perfection and are ready to shine. Rehearsing with close friends and family members is a marvelous idea before hitting the social scene. Although, networking events are in part meant to create a forum to practice your “pitch,” it is also a place where the right connections can grow and prosper your business. Therefore, be “on point” from the moment you walk through the door or website.

Finally, networking is not just fun because of the freebies or happy hour menu. I tend to look at networking as a time to plant seeds with the anticipation of a harvest. Since I, do not like working hard in the warm weather my networking skills need to be strategic enough for me to reap sustainable benefits in due season. What I do enjoy is working smarter and that is the reason I have chosen to blog.

In conclusion, just as exercise keeps our muscles healthy and toned, networking helps us market and advertise our business and profession in order for it to survive and thrive. Networking is for everyone. Regardless of whether we are aware of it or not every person we come in contact with is a potential client or customer. How are you managing your clientele? How well are you exercising those muscles and building your client relationships? Networking…it’s about that time!




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