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As the summer of 2011 comes to a close, so much has taken place, America’s downgraded credit rating by S&P, record heat-waves across the nation, earthquakes, and hurricanes; which have been unprecedented in most of our lifetimes on the East Coast.  It would be remiss of me not to mention losing one of my spiritual mentors who transitioned on August 12th, Dr. Zachary Tims of New Destiny Christian Center in Orlando Florida. I still cannot believe he is no longer with us. I was awaiting his presence at a Christian Conference here in NYC on September 2nd. It just goes to show us that the best well laid plans has nothing to do with the plans of THE CREATOR. I love you Dr. Tims, you will be missed and forever in my heart. Also, the entertainment industry lost a great musician and song writer Nick Ashford of Ashford & Simpson. Thank you Ashford for allowing us to get a glimpse of what love is through your eyes. May You Both Rest in Peace.

 With all the events I have mentioned, it does make one wonder if the 2012 predictions/Mayan Prophecies are real. What has been weighing heavy on my heart this month is the issue of cleanliness. Not just your personal hygiene, but your physical surroundings. When my family moved from Brooklyn, NY to Queens, NY over 25 years ago, we were so impressed to see rows and rows of immaculate streets and lawns. Back then the homeowners and other residents did not litter. Garbage on the ground and broken glass were unheard of. The people and their offspring had respect for their property and the well-being of their community.

 I still live in a residential area in Queens and everyday, there are potato chip bags, soda cans, McDonald cartons all over the street and lawns. I have seen people throw trash out of moving car windows and I find it very disturbing to see that people today just do not seem to care about “putting litter in its place”. How can you say you love your biological mother when you can’t even respect the Mother that is allowing you to live on Her Earth? I do believe that our blatant disrespect of each other, this planet and how we are treating Mother Earth is partly the reason we are experiencing these environmental changes.

 I am not a psychic, conspiracy theorist, nor a pessimist. I am one who believes that everything has a vibration and it is time we clean up the garbage that is permeating our environment. We all litter by virtue of the type of products we consume even if we do not physically throw them out of windows. That is why I am also a believer that corporations must be held accountable for the packaging of their products that are not biodegradable. It is time for each person and organization to clean up its carbon footprint, because it does have an effect on the Earth. Marvin Gaye said it best…“how much more abuse from man can she stand?”




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