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LABOR DAY – 2011

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As we celebrate Labor Day today, let us remember to respect those union workers who lost their lives boycotting long working hours, low wages, high rents, and pricy goods. Without organized labor and labor unions today would be just another day.

Unemployment in the United States is holding at a steady 9% rate. In the African-American community the rate is up to 16%. Although, I see thousands even millions of job postings on the internet everyday; only a hand full of people get hired. President Obama will address the nation on “Jobs” this Thursday, at 7PM eastern standard time. My only concern is will the Presidents’ words fall on deaf ears? Communication must be very difficult with all the noise-makers in the room. The people who can help get this country back on her feet economically are not interested in what our President has to say, since they want him as a “one term” President.  

“These folks” and we know who they are, do not seem to care about the millions of people who homes are in foreclosure, and those struggling to make ends meet. They do not care about the working class, children or seniors. They would rather see the country self-destruct than see an African-American President do a good job for the country and its citizens. Yes, we are living in some very disturbing times. How can a country sustain itself if it is divided on basic human issues? When businesses and part of the government prefer to outsource jobs while their own citizens are starving for work here at home?

I learned there is only one race, the human race, and yet, a man with phenomenal genius is criticized because of his skin color. I do not know where this country is headed as a nation, but Americans have always been progressive with a pioneering spirit, so hopefully we will find a way to come together and respect one another before it is too late. This is the tenth anniversary of 9-11, let’s honor our heroes and innocent victims by demonstrating that Americans can come together and do what is best for the country.




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