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Let’s Get Healthy

Hi There and Welcome back,

Well…I did not post last month because it was my birthday month and I was just plain busy having fun. I am also very excited because this time of the year rings in the largest Holiday Season, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year. Essentially, it is party time as well as a time for introspection. I decided to start posting early this month since last month was so hectic. This month I would like to focus on health and healing. What makes a person healthy and what makes a person unhealthy? In my last post, I mentioned how thoughts are living things and  we should guard our thoughts. Guarding our thoughts not only play a role in knowing the self but healing the self as well. If we want to be healed of an injury or ailment, we must first believe, that we can heal ourselves.

 Healing yourself takes courage.

In order to heal the self, we must once again journey within. This month I am faced with dental issues. Ever since I was a child, I had a great love and propensity toward candy.  All of those “now and later’s”, “starburst” and “squirrel nuts”  I enjoyed have finally taken their toil in my lovely mouth. There is not much natural healing I can do for a tooth that is in need of root canal work, however, I can heal the cause that created this effect. As with all effects a preemptive –cause has to occur…in my case desiring too many sweets/candy and not taking the proper care with the health of my teeth.  

Healing is not just recovery from and illness or injury; many of us are steeped in bad attitudes, harboring grudges, and jealousy. I believe everyone has something in his or her life that needs healing. A friend gave me a book called Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity by Queen Afua about 15 years ago. Queen Afua has been on the Purification path for over 40 years. In her book, she mentions, “the Earth is expressing her discontent with how humankind has worked against natural laws and ourselves. Our impure thoughts and acts of hate, rage, jealousy, depression and despair have led to the production of impure waters, acid rain, drought, devitalized soil and poisonous air. Equally, our bodies are filled with waste, worms and poisons. Mother Earth warns us with her earthquakes, hurricanes and volcanic eruptions.” 

 She also goes on to state, “let us liberate ourselves from disease and spiritual unrest. Peace can exist on earth, but it must start with you. From you come family healing, then community healing, national healing, and finally global healing. We must use the Creators tools to heal ourselves. The tools are fasting, prayer, herbs, juices and live sun-ripened foods. We must maintain high and clean thoughts and allow divine, righteous love to flow through every cell so that we may build body temples of light.”

 The power of forgiveness and thanksgiving.

The first thing Queen Afua tells us to do is a Spiritual Preparation through Forgiveness and Thanksgiving. “We must be in a state of constant forgiveness so that we may be forgiven for the sins we have imposed upon ourselves and others. We must also be in a state of thanksgiving for our many gifts and blessings.” Forgiveness seems to open the doors that we have shutdown because of hurt or pain that we caused upon ourselves or from the actions of others. Forgiveness is something we must practice everyday, because sometimes we do not realize whom we have hurt or offended during the course of a day and therefore, we need to ask for forgiveness. We also do things to hurt ourselves and we need to ask for forgiveness and forgive ourselves for causing harm.

Thanksgiving is not just a holiday. We must be diligent and grateful for all the blessings that, we have and will receive .We may not seem to have everything we would like to have at the moment; yet, when we  step back we can see we have plenty. Now is the time for us to be thankful for all our gifts and blessings those seen and unseen. When we respect the “good and plenty” we already have, we will receive more good and more plenty. Respecting your health will create the peace you seek. Remember the battle is all in your mind. What caused your illness or injury? Forgive yourself  like I must  forgive myself for loving candy/sweets and not taking proper care for my teeth. Be thankful as I must be thankful that the rest of my teeth are healthy and beautiful.

Understanding the cause and effects of why you are not as healthy as you’d like to be and taking steps to change your health takes courage. Healing starts from within like all good things. Forgiveness means getting into the right state of consciousness; cleaning out the dirt and dust balls that gather in the corners of your brain causing anger or resentment. Thanksgiving is the acknowledgment of being grateful for everything you have; and the ability to be humble at all times knowing that everything you need will be provided. Remember, every cause has an effect…don’t wait until your tooth is throbbing and need a few shots of Novocaine in your gums. You have been forwarned so be forearmed.  HAVE A HAPPY& HEALTHY HOLIDAY SEASON… & BE SAFE!!!




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