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Emotions associated with happiness

Emotions associated with happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It has been a very interesting month, especially with the weather. Several tornado in the Mid-West, record-breaking temperatures for April – one day it’s 80 degrees then a day or 2 later dropping 20 degrees lower.  My prayers go out to all that lost homes, belongings and family members.  Today, I would like to discuss Long-term planning and happiness.

Someone asked me to do a write-up about long-term planning and happiness. I will assume their goal is to sustain long-term happiness. If we look at the definition of planning – “a process to identify and select appropriate goals and courses of action,” then we can plan for long-term, short-term or any-term goal in between. The great thing about planning is being able to set your own sustainability indicators to measure your progress.

There are 3 key steps to planning:

1)  deciding what goals to pursue

2)  deciding what course of action to take and;

3)  deciding how to divide your resources

Combined these 3 steps contribute to your strategy.  Only you know what truly makes you happy.  My advice is somewhat obvious, do what makes you happy to achieve happiness.  Of course, there are matters we must deal with even when they do not make us feel happy. However, if  your non-essential dealings are making you unhappy, then you have some decisions to make. 

 I hope this answered your question or shed a little light on the planning process and sustaining happiness.

Peace, Love & Happy Planning,

Monica Renée


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