Beam Works Makes the Dream Work!

“You have to have a dream to have a dream to come true.”  How many times have we heard this statement or a similar one and thought it makes sense but we never act upon it?  I read an interesting article in the Oprah Magazine, January 2012 edition, written by Martha Beck author of “Finding Your Way in a Wild New World.”  Martha Beck’s article:  May We Help You?-you can see clearly now—has really been an eye-opening experience for me.  Having the ability to actualize one’s dreams is essentially the purpose of life.  Beck outlines four key steps for creating the life you want.    

 Step 1 – The Pushback. In order to soar, you must push back against the things you do not want. The great thing about the pushback is it gives you the opportunity to complain about the resentment, discomfort and/or resistance you are experiencing and exactly what is bothering you. “The more specific you are about what upsets you, and why, the clearer you can make your desires.”

 Step 2 – The Possibilities.  After complaining, Beck says to release the energy of finding fault and take up the energy of imagination. Hold in your mind the situation that leads to the strongest Pushback, and begin mentally playing out ways it might change.  What is great about Possibilities is that there is no limit to how far your imagination can go so go for it.

 Step 3 – The Preferences.  This is an interesting step in that it overlaps with Possibilities. You will notice that some of them Possibilities leave you feeling intrigued, curious, and a bit lighter.  These are your Preferences. Let them flow from vague to specific impressions, “as if you’re slowly bringing a camera into focus.  Allow and watch.”

 Step 4 – The Pinpoints.   This is one of my favorite steps. Beck suggest if you are playful and patient, the Preferences forming in your consciousness will eventually become clear enough to describe in words. You will begin articulating exactly what bothers you and scenarios you would prefer to see.  While Pinpointing your desires and thinking of solutions, ask yourself—what would be even better?  Then try to top it with what would be even better than that?  “This is Pinpoint clarity . . . It lets everyone and everything around you deliver exactly what you want.”

 The 4P’s are definitely worth a try. Let me know what you think.




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