Beam Works Makes the Dream Work!

Just a post to blow off some steam!

Why are there so many haters in this world?  What makes people try to harm or hurt others? Are they that jealous of what others have? Does this jealousy escalate into hate? My motto is that anything in this world that can be had by one can be had by another.  Is it because they don’t realize this or is it because they are just dumb, ignorant and/or stupid? Oh, the haters I know, wish they were me!  Why would anybody want to be someone else? My haters couldn’t even walk two steps in my shoes, let alone a mile.  The issue is once they realize they can’t be someone else, they want to cause pain or suffering to the one they cannot be; because they evidently are miserable with who they are!  Normally, I give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but today, I am calling you haters on the carpet on your ignorant a_s  s_it.

Why can’t you just love yourself and be you? There is nothing more beautiful than being your authentic self. Is your self-esteem that low that you have to try to imitate someone else? Sure, sure, they say imitation is the highest form of flattery, I am not flattered by someone changing their personality to copy cat mine, especially while trying to put me down or one up me in the process. Then there are those that don’t even know you but try to stab you in the back (punks) while you are not looking; like the hater that keyed my brand new car. How much negative energy did it take to carry out that nonsense?   Haters don’t want other people to have anything decent if they don’t have it, or know how to get it.  That is what car dealers are for; Go buy your own car and key it all you like. NO, you wouldn’t do that to your stuff so why damage other folks property?  Are you just a dumb, ignorant broke and stupid a-s person?

Some people say that when you experience negativity it means there is an undeveloped area in your life that you need to develop. Well, I must say, I have been developing a whole lot of self-control lately. All I can say about my haters is that they are motivating me to not be one of them.

That is why haters will never win because they are too busy coveting other peoples stuff and not loving what they have.



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