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The Mental Food Journal

What is a mental food journal you may ask. Well for me, it is a mental note to myself of what foods I am eating that I should not eat. You know when you are at a party and someone offers you a piece of red velvet cake that you just cannot refuse. Then you eat it and say, wow, I had a slice of strawberry cheese cake yesterday at the job. Now how many calories did I just consume? Oh well, I will do better next week.

Only next week there are other events with great tasting food and you indulge. Then the holidays roll around and you partake in all the festivities. Okay, so my point is, I gained more weight than I would have liked this past year and it is not so easy to shed these extra pounds. “I still look good because big is in.” However, this is not my normal weight so, it is time to do more than a mental journal of my food consumption. I need to actively use a checklist of what I eat and drink and the time, so I know when I am really going overboard or when I can afford to eat those cherries dipped in chocolate.

I found this food journal online at, however, you can make up your own and have fun with it.


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