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A Bigger Agenda

So, today is July 8, 2016 and so much has happened in the U.S. the week after Independence Day! Two black men were shot ruthlessly by police officers or supposed police officers. There was no reason for these black men to have been brutally killed in such a manner for simple infractions. These were full-out executions. No one really knows what is in the minds of these rouge cops, but everyone is tired of seeing these atrocities in the news.

While these incidents are occurring with more frequency, with cops not being held responsible for their murderous actions the United States has become an impotent, degenerate place. People in leadership positions seem not to have much compassion for the victims of police brutality. Killing is a sin even if you have a badge and license to carry firearms. Being put on administrative duty until trial is a privilege while the deceased can’t dream, can’t look forward to another day has no say in the outcome and the perpetrators get paid for doing dastardly deeds. Why? How can you call yourself human being that hateful?

The punishment here again does not fit the crime. Before one case can be investigated, another MURDER! How many more black people have to die before this country changes these racist white supremacist behavior? Now I hear that 5 cops were shot and killed in Dallas, TX last night. Although, the media did not say it was retaliation, it was implied. I am glad the chief of police in Dallas said it seems to be a planned attack possible terrorist attack. Temperatures are rising and most of us do not want a race war, but is this were we are heading? How can you take an oath to serve and protect and then kill those who believe you are here to protect them. Is there a bigger agenda as the conspiracy theorist suggest? How can a country so divided sustain itself? No More Killings, No More Shootings, No More Hatred!

Peace & Love!



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