Beam Works Makes the Dream Work!

Have you ever met someone who had everything you want and need in a mate? Maybe you didn’t recognize it at the same time, but they did, and when you finally realize that hey, this person could actually be the one for me, the relationship had already dissolved into a memory and your stuck in the feelings. Well that happened to me a few years back.

I was minding my own business when he called out from behind “those are some pretty shoes.” Thank you for the complement I said and kept it moving. He caught up to me and wanted to have a conversation. I remember it like it was yesterday. We were downtown Manhattan in New York City on Wall Street. You have a minute? I turned around, looked him up and down, damn he was fine in a NYC kind a way! I decided to stop in the middle of the roadway to listen to what he had to say.

I listened to his flirtatious rap, I commented here and there as he began to draw me in deeper, mesmerizing me with his masculinity and quick wit. I began to feel dazed. I couldn’t move. Passerby’s looked and stared at us, some grew annoyed as we were still standing in the middle of the road. He grabbed me by my waist and ushered me off to the side so people didn’t have to walk around us.

Where are you headed, he asked me? On my way to Saks I said, but I was really on my way to H&M, (I lied). Don’t forget to buy me something! Buy him something. So, is that his way to get to see me again? I sniffed and smiled without confirming anything!  I’m going that way, we can ride the train together. He convinced me to ride the westbound train with him when I needed to go east. I protested at first because I had on stilettos and riding the train with him was taking me off course. His conversation intrigued me so I rode the subway with him to see if I could glean more of what he was all about.

We got off on the west-side, he continued to flirt with me for a few more minutes in front of an electronics store, then we went our separate ways. Normally, I brush men off that I meet in the street, but he was different, unique, and fine as hell. (excuse me). His game was tight! I allowed myself to exchange numbers, I figured, okay, since my current man is acting up anyway, why not give this brother a shot.


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